Woolworths customers ‘very angry’ over delivery problem

Woolworths customers ‘very angry’ over delivery problem

A handful of Woolworths customers are fuming over a frustrating issue with its delivery system that left one family without groceries for nearly a whole week.

An upset supermarket shopper said on the retailer’s Facebook page that she did not have access to groceries for five days after a blunder with her weekly order.

“Not happy with mis delivery of groceries which together with an inability to resend my order or to refund my money quickly, has left me without my weekly food order,” she wrote.

Another shopper Julia Enders, from Smithfield in western Sydney, said she was inconvenienced by a Woolworths delivery twice within just four days.

Woolworths signage outside a store in Sydney. Source: AAP
Several frustrated Woolworths shoppers have been inconvenienced due to issues with its delivery system. Source: AAP

On Friday she had scheduled her delivery, which contained items for her family’s dinner that night, from the Fairfield store for between 4pm and 6pm, but it didn’t arrive until after 7pm.

Her delivery for Monday was also scheduled for a convenient time for her family, who required the groceries for their lunches for the week ahead, but this time it never arrived.

Instead of arriving between 6pm and 7pm as arranged, Ms Enders was contacted at 9pm and told that the courier had not been heard from in three hours and would not be delivering the order.

Fed up with waiting around and desperate for groceries, Ms Enders drove to her nearest Coles, which is closer than Woolworths.

“After working all day running around with my daughter and dancing it was the last thing I wanted to do,” she said.

She told Yahoo News Australia Woolworths had offered to deliver her groceries on Tuesday as they were packed and waiting to be collected from the Fairfield store, but decided to cancel the order instead.

Woolworths delivery truck shown in car park.
Customers say Woolworths deliveries have been significantly delayed or simply haven’t shown up. Source: YouTube/ganzy 5000

The whole experience left her “very angry”, but the cherry on top was a text message she received from Woolworths at 10.45pm telling her the order would not be getting delivered.

Supermarket Facebook page inundated with complaints

A third shopper says she had a similar experience, writing to the supermarket’s Facebook page that she too scheduled an order to be delivered between 6pm and 7pm, only for it to never arrive.

“I contacted them and was advised the delivery would be delivered 11.15pm-11.45pm. Then again I was sent a message saying it would arrive between 12.15am-12.45am,” her post read.

In that instance, Woolworths offered the customer a $15 voucher.

Another shopper reported being offered the same compensation after having two of her orders arrive a day later than she had scheduled.

“I’m so disappointed in Woolworths. Twice now my food hasn’t been delivered on the day. I’m not talking about a few hours delay – the ‘delivery driver cancelled’,” she wrote to the Woolworths page.

Woolworths admits they ‘don’t always get it right’

Despite an apparent surge in complaints about the retailer’s delivery service, a Woolworths spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia there had been no universal disruptions.

“We dispatch thousands of online deliveries around the country on time and in full every day. While our teams work very hard to make it as seamless and convenient as possible every time, we don’t always get it right,” they said in a statement.

“When that happens we apologise and work with our customers to find an appropriate resolution.

“We’ve more than doubled our delivery capacity this year in response to the growing demand for our award-winning online grocery service.

“On-demand delivery partners have played an important role complementing our existing network of trucks and we continue to work with them to raise the bar for our customers.”

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