Mystery house sought – do you know where this is?

Mystery house sought – do you know where this is?

A Melksham family is appealing to people in Pewsey to help them track down a mystery house where their great grandfather was said to have lived.

The house (pictured) is thought to be Manningford Mill, but trips to Pewsey to find it have proved futile, so they are hoping someone will recognise it from thepicture and let them know.

“This photo was passed to my sister and myself from our mother, we went in search of it a couple of years ago, but couldn’t locate it,” said Audrey Nicholas of Westlands Farm, Whitely.

“On the back of the picture, is written Manningford Mill. It belonged to my great great grandfather Richard Pavy ,who was a miller.

“I imagine it is him and his son in the picture. We would really like to see the house!”

“His descendants, my great grandfather William Pavy and his son Francis, farmed and ran the mill at Hazeland Mill, Bremhill, Calne. If you know where this house is, contact Audrey at

2020-11-23 12:05:00

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