Mum’s ‘rotten’ find in Woolworths chicken nearly eaten by kids

Mum’s ‘rotten’ find in Woolworths chicken nearly eaten by kids

A mum was midway through making a meal last week when she made an unsettling discovery inside a Woolworths cooked chicken.

Kalisha Zac Jones, from Victoria, said she bought the “undercooked” $10 roast chicken from the supermarket’s Waurn Ponds store, in Geelong, on Sunday evening.

As she was putting together a meal for her family, she spotted blood dripping from the chicken and took a closer look inside it – to discover an internal organ.

Woolworths signs displayed in store.
The under-cooked chicken was bought from a Geelong Woolworths store on Sunday. Source: Getty Images

“I was going to make chicken rolls and looked inside and there was a heart inside of it still,” Ms Jones told Yahoo News Australia.

The mum of two said the blood pouring from the animal was “hard to miss” and was glad the chicken never made its way to her children’s plates.

“I was about to make my nine-month-old and four-year-old dinner before I saw blood coming out of the chook, so I quickly took it back off them. The poor things nearly ate it,” she said.

Ms Jones swiftly returned the chicken, which she said smelt like “rotten meat” to the retailer and was later contacted and offered a $20 voucher.

The inside of a chicken that appears to have an organ in it.
Kalisha Zac Jones said the chicken looked to have an organ still inside. Source: Supplied

Hours after touching the “foul” chicken, the mum said her partner’s hands still emitted an intense aroma.

The ordeal was so traumatic Ms Jones said it could be what turns her vegan.

She has also vowed to never buy a cooked chicken from Woolworths again.

Yahoo News Australia has contacted Woolworths for comment on the matter.

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