Pandemic spurs innovations in 3-D video

Pandemic spurs innovations in 3-D video

Two major Japanese electronics firms are working on ways to recreate live performances and events using a new level of 3-D video technology. This is as the coronavirus pandemic has made it difficult to hold such events for real.

Optical products maker Canon has set up a studio near Tokyo incorporating technology called “volumetric video.”

Engineers takes footage of a traditional Noh performer using around 100 cameras. They edit and combine it with 3-D images of the stage.

This allows a realistic recreation of people and objects from various angles. Viewers see the video from all different viewpoints.

The technology is expected to be used to broadcast sports and other events that would normally be seen live.

Date Atsushi at Canon says, “With this technology we can create innovative video that wasn’t possible with conventional methods.”

Sony has also set up a studio in Tokyo. It creates high-resolution 3-D images of buildings and streets. People are placed into these realistic backgrounds as if they’re actually there.

Kobayashi Daisuke at Sony PCL says, “The system facilitates the process of creating video with a minimum number of people needed for shooting on-site.”

He says he has high hopes the studio will play a key role in filming movies and events.

2020-11-24 04:30:13

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