SILVER THREADS: Let’s brighten up the darkest time of the year

SILVER THREADS: Let’s brighten up the darkest time of the year

It’s the most beautiful time of the year and many of our neighbours have decorated their lawns and homes with lights and festive and fun Christmas decorations. The sight of the colourful lights puts a smile on our faces during our evening walks with the dog. It’s a gift to all of us during this wary time of staying at home, wearing masks and socially distancing. A huge bag of flour was delivered to our house last week, so let the baking begin and hopefully we will have lots of goodies in the freezer for that magic time of the year.

The Silver Threads seniors club is alive and well with seniors finding safe ways to do fitness with Debbie during the week and also spending time with their friends doing a workout that has been specially formulated to keep them fit and limber and also assists with everyone’s mental health.

Junko’s class of classical stretch was developed by Miranda Esmonde-White who is a former ballerina with the National Ballet of Canada. Esmonde-White combined her own movements and elements of ballet, tai chi, and physiotherapy and designed a program to relieve pain, increase speed, and lengthen the muscles of the full body. The technique is continuous movement, usually standing. The technique involves no weight-bearing exercises that can stress the wrist. The movements are easy to do, and do not involve holding any poses. It is a great workout for all ages.

Bingo is always a hit with a small group of people attending and with the ability to show the numbers on both the upstairs and downstairs screens, safely distancing can be done safely for everyone. This is another activity that is good for everyone’s mental health as it keeps the old mind sharp and active keeping track of those numbers.

Line dancing on Thursday with masks in place makes for a fun time and having our country music playing is so much fun for all the participants. Classes consist of a small group of people as per the Renfrew County and District’s Health Unit’s guidelines.

Yoga has been placed on hold for a couple of weeks due to an injury to the instructor. Do not worry as she is on the mend and will be back with her sessions next week for all of her participants.

The painters are meeting on Thursday mornings and they are a very small group who love to paint and chat and be together in their own little bubble in the activity room. We display the paintings of our local artists at the club. This assists them with sales of their art work and it’s nice to have real art hanging on the walls of your home.

Quilting is a day-long activity and the group that meets on Fridays is truly sewing works of art as they craft quilts for cancer, veterans, persons with disabilities and of course for their families. Their work is a labor of love and these ladies have a good time together.

By now, most of us seniors have got our flu shots from our doctors, and pharmacies. I would like to say thank you to all of you for keeping us safe from the regular flu and hopefully with the good news we have seen on television today, we may have a vaccine for COVID-19 next year. Let’s keep positive thoughts for this vaccine so we can maybe get back to some sort of normal in future years.

Bring in your stamped grocery receipts from Hyska’s Your Independent Grocer store and place them in the boxes provided. Think about paying your membership as the number of members assists us with our grants that we get from the government. It is such a small sum of money and it really helps us.

Silver Threads seniors is located at 1163 Victoria Street, Petawawa. You can reach us at 613-687-6574 or email Faye at We all must continue to shop locally and support our businesses in Petawawa and Renfrew County in order to keep our people working and eliminate the stress of not having a job or losing a job. We are doing a wonderful job of being safe and looking out for one another. We have a box set up in the foyer for the local food bank, and your donations help families and single people have good food on their tables.

We will continue to wear masks, wash our hands, stay six feet apart, and keep track of everyone who enters our building for safety and to comply with health policies in Renfrew County.

Be safe and be well and dig out those Christmas decorations, it will put a smile on your face. Cheers!

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