South Algonquin Community Safety and Well Being Survey deadline is Nov. 30

South Algonquin Community Safety and Well Being Survey deadline is Nov. 30

After six weeks, the Community Safety and Well Being survey deadline is approaching in South Algonquin Township. Due Nov. 30, this survey to hear from local residents is a joint collaboration between South Algonquin Township and three other townships in the region; Brudenell, Lyndock and Raglan, Killaloe, Hagarty and Richards and Madawaska Valley. It is part of a larger joint initiative between the four townships to come up with and implement a CSWB plan. It is being coordinated by Dr. Meara Sullivan, who also helped the seven municipalities in North Hastings come up with their CSWB plan.

The Community Safety and Well Being Program was mandated by the Police Services Act and the province of Ontario’s Bill 68, the Safer Ontario Act. This requires municipalities to come up with a multi-sectional advisory committee comprised of a number of cross-cultural partners, including police services, local service providers of physical and mental health care, education, community and social services and children and youth services. This committee, with a multitude of societal perspectives, will invariably come up with a cohesive CSWB and a successful plan moving forward. The deadline for municipalities to have a CSWB in place in July 1, 2021. They are currently in the public consultation phase, which is where the surveys come in.

Dr. Sullivan says that they have heard from a lot of local residents and that getting feedback is vital for the success of the planning process.

“The survey is open to permanent, seasonal and occasional residents, and we really appreciate each contribution,” she says.

By Nov. 21, Dr. Sullivan says that they had gotten back 73 responses from South Algonquin residents, which includes both paper and online surveys.

“This is a strong response rate. However, every voice is unique and important. I would encourage others who have not yet had a chance to complete the survey to share their views and help shape the plan,” she says.

Each of the four participating municipalities have different populations and have used slightly different strategies to roll out the survey, according to Dr. Sullivan, so it is too early to comment or compare the results.

“It has been exciting to hear from members of the community, and I hope to hear from many more in the final weeks. Over December and January, I will be analysing the results. The analysis will include both broad summaries, across all four municipalities and local focused views, by each municipality. Once this analysis is completed, it will be summarized in a report and shared with residents,” she says.

Anybody who still wants to partake in the survey has until Nov. 30. Adults aged 16 and older can go to, or obtain a paper copy of the survey through the South Algonquin Township office. The survey is voluntary and anonymous. If you have any questions or comments on the CSWB survey, or wish to return a form electronically, please contact Dr. Meara Sullivan at

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