Schoolgirl dragged by bus with leg trapped in door

Schoolgirl dragged by bus with leg trapped in door

WARNING – DISTRESSING CONTENT: A schoolgirl has miraculously avoided serious injury after her leg got trapped in a bus door before being dragged her down the street.

Alarming CCTV footage from the bus shows the girl wearing a backpack attempting to exit the bus in the Chinese city of Huizhou in Guangdong province on April 8.

As she steps off the driver closes the doors prematurely, trapping her ankle and hand between the two doors.

A schoolgirl in China walks off the bus (pictured left is her leaving the bus) before becoming trapped in its door and dragged down the street (right is her foot pictured wedged in the door).

The girl’s foot could be seen poking through the doors as she became trapped. Source: Newsflare

The driver sets off, oblivious to the girl’s plight as she tries to wriggle herself free. Her grip on the door’s seam is lost and she falls to the floor before the driver drags her along the road for more than 20 seconds.

The driver only stopped the bus once he heard the girl’s screams.

Remarkably, the girl was able to stand up immediately and only suffered minor abrasions to her arm and leg, and was sent to hospital for treatment.

The Huizhou Municipal Transportation Bureau confirmed on Saturday the bus driver was suspended over the incident and the case was being investigated.

The bus company has apologised to the girl and covered her medical expenses, according to the Chutian Metropolis Daily.

In January in a separate bus-related incident in China, a bus driver suffered a fatal heart attack behind the wheel.

He was hailed for his attempts to bring the bus to safety however his employee was criticised after they said they were not entitled to pay his family compensation for his workplace death.

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