Shopper finds gecko in house plant she bought from Ikea

Shopper finds gecko in house plant she bought from Ikea

It’s not known how the little fella ended up on the Ikea house plant (Picture: Devon Live/BPM Media)

A curious gecko has found himself a new home after hitching a ride on a house plant from Ikea.

The well-camouflaged lizard was spotted among the leaves by a shocked shopper after they returned home from the superstore in Exeter.

RSPCA officer Clara Scully was called in to take care of the reptile, who are typically found in much warmer climates.

She said: ‘A member of the public got more than they bargained for with this plant. This little fella was hidden in the leaves.

‘He is now safe awaiting transfer for his new home by one of our exotic officers.’

The animal charity regularly receives calls from people who’ve found spiders, lizards and other exotic animals stowed away in strange places.

The little gecko gave an Ikea shopper a shock when they returned home (Picture: Devon Live/BPM Media)
Geckos like these are used to much warmed climates than the UK (Picture: Devon Live/BPM Media)

Unfortunately, the accidentally imported animals will rarely be returned to their native environments.

Animals like lizards are rehomed to specialist keepers, zoos or wildlife parks who have the necessary knowledge and facilities to care for them.

Geckos and other reptiles have specific needs, including controlled temperatures, lighting and humidity.

This gecko would find it very difficult to survive in the UK without supplementary heating at this time of year.

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2021-04-28 11:00:00

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