Annual Scarecrow Invasion event cancelled again

Annual Scarecrow Invasion event cancelled again

A popular annual event in Meaford has been cancelled for a second straight year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Meaford’s award-winning Scarecrow Invasion and Family Festival will not go ahead this year due to continued safety concerns over COVID-19. In a release on April 30th, Scarecrow Invasion Chair Donna Earl states that usually, they begin prep for the event now.

“The event is volunteer-run, and under normal circumstances, we would be gathering now, in early May, to start the long, intensive process of building scarecrows. However, there is no way our volunteers can safely gather at the moment and the future is uncertain.”

Earl says all volunteers and fans of the event should stay tuned for news regarding the 2022 event. With the hope that vaccines and public health measures significantly fix pandemic related issues for events, there is optimism that the 2022 Scarecrow Invasion will go ahead and celebrate its 25th anniversary.

“Surely, by this time next year life will be back to normal,” Earl says, “and we will be able to use our pent up energy to create the best, most exciting scarecrows ever in the history of the invasion. Our volunteers are key to the success of this event. So many of them have year after year come together in summer to help build and display some three hundred scarecrows in downtown Meaford and in Bognor. If ever the need to get together it is now but we can’t safely do so.”

For more information, contact Donna Earl at or 519-270-9106.

2021-05-01 11:01:00

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