The best Asus laptops of 2021

The best Asus laptops of 2021

Don’t underestimate the best Asus laptops. While they might not always be the obvious choice, at least not next to the likes of Dell, Apple and HP, they can more than hold their own in terms of design, performance, and price. In fact, these laptops are capable of delivering excellent performance, solid build quality, and great designs, and they’re among the best laptops 2021 has to offer.

Besides building some of the best PCs and PC components on the market, the Taiwanese manufacturer has also been rolling out impressive laptops that swagger in performance and cool aesthetic. And, while some are right up there with the more premium offerings, quite a few of the best Asus laptops tout affordability, making them excellent options for the budget-minded. Scratch that; even their more premium offerings prove to be more affordable than their rivals.

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