Top Deals Today From Banggood

Top Deals Today From Banggood

Almost all weeks, Banggood is known to have some pretty new product offerings for both new and existing customers and their wide array of products is why we often recommend them on Brumpost Bargainer and the same is happening today.



The Chinese e-retail service is back with some pretty awesome deals for everyone ranging from devices such as TWS earbuds, bags and even home appliance all which are meant to help you lead a better life because technology!

The great thing about majority of these products is the fact that they are being offered with as much as 50% discount which is a way for Banggood to commemorate the day because today is Friday and you deserve to treat yourself pretty nice right?

On this bargain, there are a couple of awesome products such as the BlitzWolf® BW-PG1 462Wh which is really nice product offering about 300W to 500W 3.7V/124800mAh of battery.

Its an amazing outdoor portable power station power bank which is useful in the situation of emergency such as power outage or for camping in remote areas and so forth. This is a really great product and Banggood is offering it with about 25.93% discount when you use the coupon code BGHU0573 at check-out.

Then there is another great product such as the BlitzWolf® BW-P10 which is a big 10000mAh QC3.0 PD18W Power bank. Its a very powerful device that can be used to recharge your smartphone or other portable gadgets like your TWS earbuds from 0% to 100% thanks to its high-energy efficiency and durability.

Currently, it’s being offered with about 40% discount off its original retail price point when you use the coupon code BGece0ae at check out. This deal is available to both new and existing customers alike.

Then there’s another pretty cool product called the BlitzWolf BW-MF9 Pro. This is a 2.4A Lightning to USB cable which durable build quality that will make it serve you pretty long enough. It’s also good for those who just want to be able to connect their iPhone directly to their PC or Mac computers without having to spend a fortune just to get a cable.

Use the coupon code BGb6ca6e to grab a whopping 42% discount off the original price point.

Another one is the BlitzWolf® BW-FUN5 multifunction UV sterilizer which can be used to disinfect your home or apartment to get rid of germs. Though COVID-19 is still a big threat to humanity, the vaccine breakthrough is a big alternative but that doesn’t mean you should stop sterilizing your home to get rid of other powerful germs that can cause you serious infections and that’s what this device is all about.

It’s currently being sold with 50% discount only at Banggood and you can grab this great deal by using the coupon code BGHU0570 and this deal will be available for both new and existing users alike which is a pretty decent thing.

And those are the incredible products you can get directly on Banggood all which are BltizWolf products and as we all know, this brand is known for always releasing some top-notch tech gadgets and gears all at a really affordable price point which is why they are recommendable to people – both techie and non-techie.

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