Coca-Cola Zero Has An All-New Taste And Design

Coca-Cola Zero Has An All-New Taste And Design

Everyone has their preferred type of Coca-Cola and for those who loved Coke Zero but were looking for some more flavor, a new iteration of the drink is on its way. Coca-Cola Zero is new and improved in both looks and taste and it’s coming to a store near you sooner than you may think.

As the name clearly suggests, Coca-Cola Zero boasts zero sugar and zero calories, so it is a lighter version of the Coke sodas you love. Coke Zero has existed before, but this version was made to taste even more like a typical Coca-Cola while maintaining its caloric metrics. Along with the new formula is a new look, and each label—whether it’s a bottle or can—will now feature a bright red background with a bold, black script font.

While sometimes big news like this is announced far in advance way before it’s available in stores, Coca-Cola Zero will now be available in shop shelves starting this month with a full distribution across the United States in August. For Coke lovers in Canada, Coca-Cola Zero will hit stores in September.

“We’re constantly looking to deliver the best possible Coca-Cola taste to our consumers with the goal of meeting, and hopefully exceeding, their expectations,” said Senior Brand Manager, Coca-Cola Trademark, North America Natalia Suarez: “With positive reactions in taste tests thus far, we’re excited to bring the reformulated Coca-Cola Zero Sugar to fans across the country and unveil its new iconic design.”

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