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What we do
Real-time coupons, real big savings…
In 2021 Best Promo Cods became the first coupon engine to harness the power of Twitter, with nearly decade-long history of improving the savings experience through social engagement.

Since then we have prioritized finding coupon codes that other sites simply don’t offer, and in 2017 added real-time verification technology to boost the savings experience.
Automated coupons at checkout…
Our browser extension, Cently (formerly Coupons at Checkout), makes saving money downright convenient, by helping shoppers try all known coupon codes at checkout with just one click.

Cently has received rave reviews, and nabs millions in savings for shoppers every month.
What people are saying
If you’re an online shopper who’s always looking for the best deals, here’s a new way to get coupon codes.
I’ve been testing out the extension while Christmas shopping, and so far it’s saved me a decent chunk of change.
An excellent extension that automatically scours the Internet for coupons while you online shop.
You Can Close Your 10 Browser Tabs: Automated Shopping Has Arrived.
Automatically scans the Web to give you a relevant discount code before you make a purchase.
…automatically finds coupon codes without you needing to search…It will even stack applicable coupons to maximize your savings!